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DCI on high alert as Rogue, Corrupt MCA Abass Khalif is exposed as a cartel ring leader

It has now emerged that NAirobi’s City Hall has been badly exposed the as allegations of corruption and fraudulent activities involving influential South C Member of the County Assembly (MCA), Abass Khalif, have come to light.

Our investigations reveal a web of deceit and financial manipulation, with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) now actively probing the matter.

The MCA stands accused of orchestrating a smear campaign against the county government after they refused to approve payments of over 300 million shillings for services never rendered.

Abass Khalif’s Allegations

Abass Khalif, once regarded as a diligent MCA overseeing the county government, has now been exposed as the mastermind behind a corruption cartel.

He allegedly used his financial influence to pressure the county into paying dubious bills, leaving essential county programs lagging behind.

Sources indicate that he has been funding lawyers to challenge the noble school feeding program, endorsed by President William Ruto, in what appears to be an attempt to obstruct progress.

Muthoni Ouko’s Involvement And story disapearance

Former CEC for Education and Sports, Muthoni Ouko, is said to have joined forces with Abass Khalif in the fight against the school feeding program.

Her return to office without following due process and her past corruption scandals have fueled suspicion that she may be involved in corrupt activities.

Her company, Kabutho Education, allegedly swindled 10 million shillings meant for bursary funds for needy and bright students.

Cheques written to beneficiaries were canceled, and money was diverted into her company’s accounts, sparking further investigations.

The MCA is now on the Spree of pulling down the Expose’articles

Abass Khalif’s Corruption Network

Abass Khalif’s firm, Creative Consolidated Firm, is implicated in a Garbage collection contract that illegally profited millions during the tenures of former Nairobi Governors Dr. Evans Kidero and Mike Sonko.

Additionally, Abass faced arrest by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for embezzlement, abuse of office, and procurement law violations. His firm, Flexilease Limited, allegedly received a fraudulent payment of 1.1 billion shillings from the Nairobi County.

Alleged Proxies and Private Companies

Abass Khalif, through his associates Yahya Ibrahim Khalif, Yunis Hassan Ibrahim Khalif, and Yusuf Maina, reportedly received fraudulent payments for various companies, including Capital Waste Management (58 million shillings), Sifa Cleaning and Bins Services Limited (51 million shillings), Buko Developers Limited, and Yassil Developers Limited (4 million shillings each).

Other companies allegedly involved include Asmara Ventures Limited (13.5 million shillings), Saffa Construction Limited (10 million shillings), and Msafiri Feeds Limited (8 million shillings).

Involvement of Joshua Kimue and Josphine Kithu

Former Director of Procurement, Joshua Kimue, has also been implicated in facilitating fake procurement documents to enable payments for jobs that were never carried out.

Rumors have surfaced that a DCI officer married to former Ward fund CEO Josphine Kithu is allegedly blackmailing the Government to reemploy his wife, with Abass Khalif allegedly funding this scheme.


The corruption scandals in Nairobi City Hall, involving South C MCA Abass Khalif and several of his friends has raised serious concerns about governance and accountability.

The ongoing investigations by the DCI are expected to shed further light on the extent of the corruption and the involvement of other individuals.

As the story continues to develop, Nairobians eagerly await justice and transparency.



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