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Stivo Simple Boy Challenges Tanzanian Rappers To A Rap Battle

Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy has challenged Tanzanian rappers to a rap battle, saying he is ready to take them all on. The “Mihadarati” hitmaker made the challenge on his Instagram stories, saying that he is the best rapper in East Africa and that he is not afraid of anyone.

“Naskia mna vita na sisi marapper wa Kenya kabla hamjamfikia @khaligraph jones the Og Kwanza mpitie kwangu niwape ngumi nyeusi michano ya kizagazaga oya @bando_tz kweli Una bandle za vita na ivi @younglunya_tzs umevaa mshipi vizuri @ni_nqesh ebu tusichokeshe @khaliqraph jones ebu mjibu trosa_ree,” he wrote.

Simple Boy’s challenge comes in the wake of a rap feud between Kenyan and Tanzanian rappers. The feud was ignited when Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones challenged Tanzanian musicians to a rap battle. Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree responded to the challenge with a diss track, in which she called herself the best rapper in Africa.

Simple Boy’s challenge has been met with mixed reactions. Some people believe that he is simply trying to stir up controversy, while others believe that he is serious about the challenge. Only time will tell if Simple Boy will get his wish and face off against Tanzanian rappers in a rap battle.



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