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Standard Group Threatens To Sue Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Over Controversial Publication

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has been served with a demand letter by the Standard Group’s CEO Orlando Lyomu over a publication the blogger ran on his website on May 5.

The piece highlighted some of the quagmires the Mombasa Road media giant has been covering for quite some long with Mr. Orlando Lyomu watching as the chief executive.

The piece revolved around a handful of malpractices that are said to be overseen by Mr. Lyomu with the intent of benefitting himself and his close associates.

Nyakundi owed the crippling of SG to misappropriation of funds, sex scandals, mismanagement among others that have led the firm to the brink of collapsing.

Standard Group has in the recent past made different adjustments thought to be viable in making it afloat as COVID-19 takes a toll in almost every sector. The changes included retrenchment, deduction of salaries, and lately suspension of employees pension contributions.

Every move by the group has been pointed to COVID-19, Nyakundi disputing saying they all have resulted from Mr. Lyomu’s inappropriate kind of leadership.

The Rot Inside Standard Media Group by Cyprian Nyakundi

“For the last two years, the company has employed more than 200 individuals in some departments that have failed to break even. This they have done yet they are planning to fie some more this month. We had the Delloite report a few years ago and the management has just decided not to implement the said report. Can someone remind me- how many millions did it cost the company to have Deloitte waste our time? Now we are here yapping that some positions will be declared redundant. Will that solve anything or again the cycle will begin?” an excerpt from the publication.

It is during the CEO’s stint that the group lost partnerships with different stakeholders, proving right the assertions that hell has been breaking loose at the firm.

Alex Chemwada with his The Chemwada Report/Daring Abroad called it quits, Daktari, a drama by the former Vioja Mahakamani cast, following suit, Tony Gachoka with his Point Blank coming to a halt among many others.

The revealing lengthy piece by Nyakundi has led to Mr. Olando Lyomu seeking legal redress, threatening to file a suit against the blogger should he fail to pull down the post(s).

via his lawyers, Mr. Lyomu wants an apology from Nyakundi in the next 24 hours lest he (Lyomu) proceeds to sue him for defamation.

“Our instructions are therefore to demand from you, as we hereby do, to immediately pull down these offending publications, retract and publish an offer of amends to our clients, in a publication of similar prominence within the next 24 hours…We further demand that you cease and desist forthwith from any such fabricated publications that cast negative aspersions against our clients,” the demand letter partly reads.

The blogger is yet to respond!



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